Crisis To Connection

The Too Rise Up non-profit organization has a sincere heart for youth/young adults and families in need in our communities. Our vision is designed to enhance the lives of socially disadvantaged families and specifically the at-risk and young adults. We have aided underserved communities in Los Angeles County to the Inland Empire by transitioning them from crisis to connection. We give our community a sense of safety, hope and belonging through a host of resources so they will know that they can too rise up from their current circumstances to be successful in life.

Our Services

Meal/Essentials/Clothing Distribution

Annual Thanksgiving Feed/Christmas Toy Giveaway

After School Resources

Life Skills/Literacy Workshops

Art Workshops Ages 8-14

College Preparedness (Financial Aid Workshops)

Career Readiness (Resume Course)

Free Interview Attire (After Completed Resume Course)

Life Coaching/Counseling

Special Needs Advocate

Boys and Girls Mentorship

Housing and Other Resources

Street Team/Outreach

CPR/First Aid Certification

Our Board of Directors

Crystal Hemphill-Haley Founder, President

Hello, my name is Crystal Hemphill-Haley, I have served in the capacity of the education field for the past 25 years, I am the wife of a Prominent Pastor in the City of Los Angeles, and I am very passionate about community outreach. As the Founder/President of the Too Rise Up Foundation, I am very excited to bring my passion to our non-profit organization. As one who possesses a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and has had the opportunity to work with at-risk youth, I developed a profound passion for helping youth and young adults to excel and rise above their struggles. As I pursue my master’s degree in Social Work, I can say that I along with my co-founder Delores Simms, we are very driven to bring the Too Rise Up organization to disenfranchised communities. As we ourselves have experienced and risen above community and social struggles and inequities to achieve a particular level of success. Then our message and mission are clear, and we are full speed ahead in our efforts to help young men and women and struggling families to rise above the social factors that hold them down, to accomplish whatever their hearts desire.

Delores Sims
Co-Founder, Vice President

My name is Delores Sims, and I am the mother of 2 children, and I have a passion for helping youth and their families. I have worked for the Kaiser Hospital for the past 15 years and in my capacity, I have the opportunity to provide support to many who are in need. I have always been one who is passionate about helping others, especially the underprivileged, and I have always been a giver. I am very excited to have this opportunity to work with my best friend and founder Crystal Hemphill-Haley. We developed the name of our non-profit organization the Too Rise Up Foundation because in all three words there is the allusion to elevate and to go higher. It is my personal desire to help as many as I can to rise to their highest level of potential. Through this non-profit organization, we can assist youth and their families to rise above the social problems that have perpetuated their struggles.

Cristina Hemphill

Hello, my name is Cristina Hemphill, I have been in the medical field for over 15 years. I served as a substance abuse nurse for 5 years and it was the best experience in all of my nursing years due to the impact and lives changed. I have been working with community organizations locally and at the State level, working with vulnerable and minority groups. I have a personal passion for enhancing and improving lives. It has always been my mission to provide tools and support where needed in my local community. I am overjoyed to be a part of this amazing non-profit, and I look forward to delivering and servicing all of your needs.

Nathaniel G. Haley Sr

My name is the Reverend Nathaniel G. Haley Sr. I have been in ministry for the past 31 years, and for the past 14 years I have served as the Pastor of the United Christian’s Missionary Baptist in the City of Los Angeles. I also give leadership to the N.G. Haley Ministries, a nationwide organization that is established to reach people where they are and minister to their needs. I have a great passion for helping people in need and people who are in disenfranchised communities who are held back and down by social inequities. I am always on the front lines fighting for social cohesiveness, equal rights, peace in the community, police reform, education, jobs, and recourses for the underprivileged in our communities. My Wife, Crystal Hemphill-Haley the Founder of our non-profit organization, The Too Rise Up Foundation, along with her Co-Founder Delores Sims, share my same passion for helping those in need. Our non-profit is designed to ensure that every person we encounter and help, will be given every tool, and opportunity to rise above the struggles that have held them down for too long. The mindset of our mission to impress upon youth and their families that they can rise up and accomplish their goals, dreams, and ambitions. I am one who believes that although we have setbacks in our lives, with the right direction, young people can learn that a setback is just a set up for a comeback. I look forward to all of the great things that Too Rise Up will do to change lives.